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Home field advantage. The twelfth man. The fan factor. When united together, sports fans have a profound impact on the outcome of a game. They inspire their team, demoralize opponents and even influence the calls of officials. Fans Without Footprints is a grassroots effort to rally fans everywhere to translate their passion for sports into positive action for the planet.

Fans Without Footprints is the only program that allows you—the passionate fan—to balance your environmental footprint—or Fanprint™—by making a contribution to a green project in your community.

Being a passionate fan has an impact on the environment. Driving or flying to games, tailgating, your recycling habits and even watching at home are all part of your Fanprint.

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Fans Without Footprints was created by Harry Groome and Walter Ife of Mojo Marketing. Having spent our careers coming up with big ideas and solving problems for clients (see our work at www.themojogroup.com), we thought it was about time to use our energies to help improve our planet. 

The idea was born at the cross section of our interests—a love of sports and a passion for preserving the natural world we live in. After realizing how much of an impact major sporting events have on the environment, and how much of that is attributable to fans everywhere, we set out to create a program that will:

•Translate the power and passion of sports fans into positive action for the environment

•Offer fans an opportunity to improve, protect and restore the environment in their own local communities

•Inspire teams and leagues to take a hard look at their own sustainable effort

You can read more about our green journey in this article we wrote for Sustainable Life Media, where you can also see our winning video entry promoting the Pickens Plan.


•Is FWF a not-for-profit organization?
•Is my contribution tax deductible?
•Is FWF a carbon offset program?
•Where does my money go?
•What types of projects does FWF support?
•Why does FWF focus on local projects?
•How can I have my project listed on FWF?
•Are there any teams supporting FWF?
•How do I get my local team involved?

Is FWF a not-for-profit organization?

Fans Without Footprints is a for-profit organization.  The bottom line is the more revenue we generate, the more projects we can fund and the more our environment benefits. So as FWF succeeds, the planet succeeds.  
Is my contribution tax deductible?

As the tax code is complex and often changing, we suggest you consult with your tax professional for an accurate answer.

Is FWF a carbon offset program?

No, unlike traditional Carbon Offsets, these contribution levels are not intended to neutralize a particular amount of CO2 emissions based on a Carbon Footprint Calculator. As there are no agreed standards for this industry, we prefer to leave the amount of your contribution up to you. Of course, the more you contribute, the more of your Fanprint you'll balance out.

We assure you that your money will be channeled to a worthwhile environmental project in your community, as described and explained in our Local Projects section.
Where does my money go?

The majority of your contribution will be channeled to the projects listed in our Local Projects section.  FWF will retain a small portion to cover administrative and marketing costs. 
What types of projects does FWF support?

We’ll consider any project whose work aims to protect, restore or improve the natural resources provided by our environment. We’re most interested in those working to mitigate carbon emissions, improve the quality of your air and water, increase greenspace or manage waste.  Check out some of our projects for a closer look at the work they do. 
Why does FWF focus on local projects?

While we all live on the same planet, we think the most important environment is our own.  It’s not being selfish.  We’re just most concerned about the quality of our local parks, the air our families breathe and the water that comes out of our taps and flows in our rivers.  So FWF focuses on offering you the opportunity to support projects in your own state, county and local community.  We want you to be able to witness the progress and experience the benefits of your contribution firsthand.  Of course, every bit we do on a local level has a positive affect on the global environment. 
How Can I Have My Project Listed on FWF?

We’re researching, evaluating and adding more projects all the time. If you’re involved with an environmental project, send us a description of the work, including the project’s objectives, current funding sources, current status (existing project or start up) and we’ll check it out.
Are there any teams supporting FWF?

We’re currently pitching many teams and seeking their involvement. Ideally, we’d be reaching out to fans through or in association with local pro, college and other teams and leagues.  With their support, we can reach many more fans than we can on our own.  We’ll be updating this website as we sign teams on to support FWF.
How do I get my local team involved?

As you know, there’s strength in numbers.  When you contribute or register to be part of the FWF program, tell us who your favorite teams are and we’ll contact them and let them know their fans want them involved.

To learn more or see our sponsor presentation, contact us now.
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