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What Is My Fanprint™?

Being a passionate fan has an impact on the environment.

You’ve probably heard the term carbon footprint, which is the amount of CO2 you contribute to the atmosphere by doing everyday things like driving and heating your home. You probably also know these emissions are bad news for the natural world we depend on.

Well, living the life of the passionate fan is not without consequences for our environment. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of greenhouse gas emissions associated with a large scale sporting event are attributed to the fans traveling to the game. How about that tailgate? Nothing like the scent of burning charcoal and grilling meat, right? More emissions. Are you recycling your bottles & cans, or chucking them in the trash? Ever grab a flight to catch your team on the road? More emissions contributing to your Fanprint.

Think you don’t have a Fanprint if you just watch from home? Think again. The energy to power your TV, keep your beverages cold and your thermostat at a comfy level all have an environmental impact that contributes to your Fanprint.


What Can I Do About My Fanprint™?

Be A Greener Fan:
So your Fanprint is the total environmental impact of just being yourself—a passionate fan. But hey, the last thing we’d suggest is that you stop supporting your favorite teams. While the bottom line is that we’re all part of the problem, there are lots of things you can do to be part of the solution. Check out our Green Fan Tips for ideas on decreasing your impact on the environment.

Contribute To FWF:
If you want to help balance the negative impact of your Fanprint with some positive action for the environment, make a contribution to Fans Without Footprints. We’ll make sure your money goes directly to a project in your community working to mitigate carbon emissions, improve the quality of your air and water, increase greenspace or manage waste. Check out some of our projects for a closer look at the work they do. We’re researching, evaluating and adding more projects all the time too. In fact, feel free to suggest one if you’re aware of a worthwhile project in your area and we’ll check it out.


Can I Eliminate My Fanprint™ Completely?

It’s virtually impossible to live an environmentally impact-free life. But there are things you can do to reduce your impact and there are projects working to protect, restore and improve the environment all over the country.


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